Generator Room

DramaScape Modern Volume 86

This is a 48 x 30 inch Battlemap of a Generator Room. It has Hex, Square and No Overlays; it also includes the VTT files for online play.

 “Art is a magic of creation. It is the only way to banish spirits created by such destruction.”—Sodality of Murals Shaman

 Generator Room is a single level interior map of a decrepit power generator and storage room in the ground floor of a factory or a warehouse. This map features rusted walkways and concrete debris on the floor making it perfect for an abandoned or post-apocalyptic building.

 Generator Room is intended for use in modern, superhero, or post-apocalyptic games. In a modern game, it can be a generator room on the ground floor of an old factory with poor safety conditions. Constantly running machines above on the second floor have shaken parts of the ceiling causing concrete shards to collapse onto the ground floor. An earthquake could completely collapse the factory floor above. In a superhero game, this could be the power room of a supervillain’s lair in an abandoned factory or as the power source linchpin of their master plan. In a post-apocalyptic game, this could be a relatively well-preserved generator room with rusted walkways showing its age and the piles of debris from holes in the above ceiling with water falling through the cracks in the ceiling.


Adventure hook for use with this map:


The Sodality of Murals: A group of spelunkers found a cave with a generator room. Only one of them survived to climb out of there to tell the tale. The room was infested with blast shades, unfortunate souls whose bodies were disintegrated in nuclear blasts leaving only a shadow on walls. Their spirits remain in the world of the living and they feed on electricity and other forms of power, even the electrical currents of living beings. The survivor explains that the others were fried when they were touched by the shades leaving charred husks.

The group is tasked to escort a Sodality of Murals art shaman to the generator room. His magical paints can harm and banish blast shades. The risk is great but electricity is a scarce resource worth claiming…

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