The Corruption of the Sisters


Dinosha, An island with islands, once the central hub of a religion dedicated to the light, honor and Love. The mother was the high goddess and a demigod, her three daughters were the high prophets and clerics. The sisters were renowned for their beauty and elegance. Knowledge was integral to the religion and they had four towers of higher learning. Something corrupted the three sisters and made them turn on the mother, and with their combined power, killed her, leaving her corpse to rot on her island in the ruins of her temple. The sisters turned on each other after defeating the mother until only one remained. The bloated, malformed sister Daria was the only one still alive after the confrontation, bound to her island, but the land and the religion was in shambles. Some of the more dedicated followers remain, but they are mere shadows of their former selves. The orb of corruption had been placed in the lake in the center the three sisters island, where it still rests. The party must cleanse the lands and gain another of Altharid’s orbs.