(61) Roachtown Rumble

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I know it’s been a long time since AF 60 but AF 61 is finally here – the first adventure for Lowlife 2090!

As foreshadowed in my post the other day, we will be alternating Lowlife 2090 and Low Fantasy Gaming adventures month to month – so end of March will be an LFG adventure 🙂

Fair Warning: this short intro adventure is mostly a combat encounter followed by a chase. It doesn’t require any hacking, magic, or vehicle combat unless the PCs introduce those elements themselves. In playtesting we were able to complete it in one session.

The scenario opens with a “hot start” – very quickly dumping the PCs into a serious Giant Roach situation at Shelby’s Beer Hole, a run down bar in Mendoza City’s Sacktown district.  

LL 2090 adventures will be in colour only, so everyone will get the colour PDF 🙂 

Thanks again to all for your continuing support! I hope you get some good gaming out of it. 

Map art copyright Miska’s Maps, used with permission.

Cover art copyright the fantabulous Matt Morrow, and page 3 art copyright the ineffable Dean Spencer. Used with permission.


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