Faerie Stories

Bring the faerie legends of Brittany to your Ars Magica games with this thoroughly-researched fourth edition supplement. Faerie Stories collects ideas and detailed supporting information about the Fair Folk to use in your sagas.

Use one of the detailed locations — complete with story ideas — to fill a gap in the flow of play. Get fresh inspiration for an epic tale from one of the story outlines, or use the brief encounters to run a shorter session.

Help the victims of faerie guile, encounter the wild boys, and spot the faeries hiding amidst the annual fair with this compelling resource book.

Faerie Stories is out of print and only available in PDF. It requires Ars Magica fourth edition to play.

Faerie Stories: Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Land Herebouts
  • The Town
  • The Short Way Home
  • The Valley of the Mists
  • Story Outline: Hunters’ Contest
  • Story Outline: Tower in the Rock
  • Brief Encounters
  • Appendix: Brittany

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