The Silvershield Brothers – A one-shot adventure of venturing to the underdark

“The Silvershield Brothers” is a D&D 5th Edition adventure featuring a full storyline with battles, mystery and investigations. The adventure contains 5 main scenes, 4 battle maps, 3 handouts, 9 tokens and 4 simplified character sheets.

It is expected to provide about 4-5 hours of play time with active roleplay for a party of 4 adventurers at level 6.

————————————-The Story————————————-

Thurmun Bighammer is one of the most accomplished blacksmiths in this – mostly dwarven – mountain town. He is honored and respected for the quality of weaponry and utility tools that his smithy produces, and all younglings dream of working under his apprenticeship.

His success is mostly due to his own skills, though it is unwise to disregard the work behind the scenes. The biggest secret of each blacksmith is the exceptional iron ore and the source it originates from. Every master handles their Miner Contracts as their most precious treasure, committing to them for a lifetime, sometimes even longer. In return, each Miner does all in their power to get the best quality ore from the multitudes of mines in the belly of the mountain, venturing into the dark unknown, opening new and new shafts, finding dangers, treasure, and most importantly – quality ore on the way.

This is the way it has gone for hundreds of years now. These mountains supply the world with quality weapons and utility tools – the premium kind.

Thurmun’s recent days are not as bright as those of this isolated mining and smithing community though. His Miner Contract – Drummand Longbeard, and his whole mining party of 10 seasoned tough dwarfs – have gone missing and did not deliver their last monthly shipment. No word has been heard from him, or the miners ever since they left to the east towards the mines over a month ago.

His business and honor on the line, Thurmun turned to you, adventurers – the Silvershield Brothers, paid peacekeepers of the mountains with questionable morale and allegiances, to help investigate.

The anxious and desperate Blacksmith is now at your doorstep – asking for your help, holding what seems to be two heavy looking pouches…

————————————-Good to Know————————————-

Contents of the download package include the maps (with and without grid), the PDF of the adventure, character tokens (suitable for vitrual tabletops), handouts, and pre-made simplified character sheets.

The adventure is a full scale investigation with challenging battles and potential troubles inbetween.

The adventure has no specific setting, it fits any mountain town, can be inserted into any campaign setting as a mission.

If you have comments, requests or notice some errors within the adventure, do not hesitate to let me know – your satisfaction is top priority for me!

If you enjoy the adventure, please consider checking out my other titles as well. I hope you will enjoy the adventure as much as I did creating it!

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