In Your Parents’ Embrace

“In Your Parents’ Embrace” is a D&D 5th Edition adventure featuring a memory sewuence as kids, reliving the past upon receiving news bad news. The adventure contains 5 pages of content through 6 main scenes, 2 battle maps, 2 handouts and 4 charactes sheets for the kids to play.

It is expected to provide about 3 hours of play time with active roleplay for a party of 4 adventurers.

————————————-The Story————————————-

Four siblings finally return to their hometown after a long war that called them to the front lines. How long ago was that they could at least send a letter home? 10 years? Can it be? Time in war loses all meaning – years and days melt together and become all the same. But that is now over. How great it will be to embrace mom and dad and start over, right where we left off before duty called!

————————————-Good to Know————————————-

Contents of the download package include the maps, and the PDF of the adventure, character sheets, and tokens.

The adventure takes place mostly in a memory sequence, not requiring levelled characters, but playing with 5th edition rules.

The adventure has no specific setting, it fits any village and falimy story and can be inserted into any campaign..

If you have comments, requests or notice some errors within the adventure, do not hesitate to let me know – your satisfaction is top priority for me!

If you enjoy the adventure, please consider checking out my other titles as well. I hope you will enjoy the adventure as much as I did creating it!

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