Map Pack 32

This material was posted on patreon by Ryan Dunleavy

Map pack 32 is finished and available. Another crew lair this for this pack and a bit of a different kind of map – Doskvol rooftops.

The post with the OneDrive link for your tier can be found on my Patreon homepage. The 5 posts at the top should take you to your tier download. Patreon has also improved their Post search functionality, so you should be able to find it that way as well.

The first map is Loaf Lords Lair in Crow’s Foot as requested by an I’ve Got a Target patron. This 2-story lair is fronted by the Ryes & Shine Bakery and can be accessed through the businesses store room. There is a medium sized warehouse space with alley access, a lounge, bedroom, office and planning area. As a bonus, it smells like bread most of the day and “ingredients” for “baked goods” can be easily smuggled in and out if your crew has a tooth for the sweet stuff. A secret door leads to the other half of the building (though that is not mapped out). Roof access via ladder as well.

The second map is a collection of detailed rooftops and the canals that run between the buildings. I created a wide view of the buildings and several closer version as well. I hope that these will be useful in any kind of rooftop chase you may find yourselves encountering.

A side note on that piece, I have end up with many hand-drawn and colored pieces over the last several years. The image for this post is the un-touched version of the rooftop map. I’d like to start giving some of these away to my patrons and want to figure out how I should go about that. I’ll write another post on more of my thoughts but wanted to put the idea out there. 

I’ve also updated the call-out map and placed a version in each tier’s download folder.

As always, much appreciated and thank you,



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