Return to Icespire Hold

Another threat to the safety of Phandalin has come to the attention of the mining settlement.  Daran Edermath and Sister Garaele are seeking adventurers that they believe can tackle this threat.

Travel across the Sword Mountains and face the dangers that exist within that harsh environment.

Meet Ardrek, the dragonborn priest that has taken up residence in the mountain fortress.  DO she and her companions pose a danger to Phandalin?  Is there more than meets the eye to the neew residents of Icespire Hold?

This scenario is for characters of level 7th-8th.  It can be run as a stand-alone adventure or can be linked to either “Dragon of Icespire Peak”, “Storm King’s Thunder”, or “Storm Lord’s Wrath”.  It reuses the map for Icespire Peak, with changes due to the new residents.  Although it is set in the Forgotten Realms, it could be adapted to any campaign setting.

It includes full stats for:

Ardrek – a white dragonborn wizard/priest, Drangor Bloodsword – a hobgoblin paladin, Esvele Ravenwood – a human ranger, Gerad – a dwarven monk, Levarin Monfel – a shadar-kai rogue, amd Sarinka Ursaborne – a half-orc barabarian.

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