The Complete Hag


This is a module for the Fantasy Grounds VTT and Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you are looking for the PDF – click here.

Title The Complete Hag


Hags are as varied and complex as humanoids, but they are, with few exceptions, evil. Inside The Complete Hag you will read about their fears, superstitions, worship, strange creations, rituals and how they use the moon’s power for their own goals. The Complete Hag expands the existing D&D canon of history, lore, and inspiration. This work can be used for Tier I to Tier IV+ campaigns. This work will not shy away from their evil appetites, goals, or schemes.

Inside, you will find: 

– 36 new magic items split between hag gifts and hag weirds
– New rules and tables for a legendary potion of mutation
– Witch fingers, macabre talismas to boost a spellcaster’s power. But there is a price to pay
– 26 new spells, some of which only work underwater or in the moonlight
– All existing canon hag statistics are updated for use with this work
– Rules and Examples of aunties and grandmother hags
– A new type of hag called a nightshade hag for use with Tier IV+ adventures
– 24 new creatures including the arboreal unicorn, gremlin, hagspawn, and ironmaw
– 9 new NPCs including the swanmays and witch hunters
– 3 Immortal Hags (Avatar of Cegilune, Baba Yaga, and Ravel)
– Many supernatural, intoxicating, and poisonous plants and fungi

CONTENT WARNING:  This work contains mature content and is not intended for children.
Alcohol, Afterlife Interruption, Assault, Blood, Cannibalism, Corruption of Children, Drug Use, Eating a Sentient Creature, Flaying, Grave Desecration, Harassment, Horror, Humanoid Sacrifice, Infanticide, Insanity, Irrational Behavior, Kidnapping, Love Potion, Psychedelic Plants, Macabre, Murder, Mutilation, Nature Desecration, Obsession, Occult, Paeganism, Slavery, Soul Destruction, Suicide, Terrible Magic, Torture, War, Xenocide