CORE RPG for 5 XP!

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Hi Existing GMD Online Members!

As part of our CORE RPG Drive and building the community to unlock more amazing prizes I have decided to make sure all GMD Online members have access to the rules… after all, how can you play/run the game without them? 

I wanted to ensure that the rules were at a Lower XP than all the advanced add ons as the ‘Living Guides’ and CORE Worlds require the CORE RPG to use.

Also, I want to say thank you all o much for believing me and making all these projects come to life!

I could not have done it without you all…

Claim your CORE RPG HERE: 

Remember: You need to log in with your Patreon Account to claim your reward:

  • 1 – goto 
  • 2 – Click Log in as Patreon Member
  • 3 – Click the Orange log in button
  • 4 – Sign in to Patreon (This step will be skipped if already signed in at Patreon)
  • 5 – Click Allow
  • 6 – There will be a slight delay
  • 7 – You will return to the login page (the Orange button is no longer to be seen)
  • 8 – Now click on the link above
  • 9 – Download your rewards

Faffy I know… I am working on it but it is currently the only way to give you your rewards for free. 


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