DC-PoA-DCAF08 The Big Ticket

DC-PoA-DCAF08 The Big Ticket

Targos mourns as the city’s star goat-ball player turns up dead. The Zhentarim need answers: was it incidental? Or is something even more nefarious than them pulling the strings?

A two-to-four hour adventure for 5th to 10th level characters

This adventure occurs in Targos, one of the Ten‑Towns in Icewind Dale, and is based on the Goat‑ball! hook from the Dungeoncraft – Plague of Ancients program. It is also the third adventure of the Targos Ascending series.  Only Season 10 characters may participate in this adventure if following Adventurers League rules.

This adventure comes with rules to Street Goat-ball, a fast-paced version of Goat-ball with quick passing and offensive focus.

Adrian Francisco is a musician, D&D player, dungeon master, and AL event organizer based in the Washington, D.C. region. He can be reached on twitter as @adri_dcdm

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