Living Lore

Bring familiar legends to life with this Ars Magica fourth edition supplement. Living Lore collects legends of Mythic Europe and provides the mechanics and story elements necessary to integrate them into your saga.

Visit enchanted locations like Beowulf’s barrow. Meet mythic figures like Taliesin, Chief of Bards. Search for holy relics such as the relics of Saint Mary Magdalene. Bring these legends and more to life with Living Lore.

Living Lore is out of print and only available in PDF. It requires Ars Magica fourth edition to play.

Living Lore: Contents

  • Introduction
  • Places of Enchantment
  • Characters and Treasures
  • The Hand of God
  • The Western Ocean


2004 Out of the Box Award Honorable Mention – Best Supplement.

This product is priced at $14.95


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