OPEN POST: March Science-Fantasy & Cyberpunk

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March Release Content List

Inside you will find:

The Masterminds:
– Ryan Ricksson – the head of City Council
– Transhorizon – megawing creature 005 null-dawn  

Knights of the Eclipse:
– Bertrand the Electroknight – lawful good party leader
– Burgash the Blasthammer Barbarian – chaotic neutral muscle
– Almeric the Technopreacher – lawful neutral mind-controller
– Maylin the Sonic Shooter – true neutral marksman
– Jaina the Nanowizard – neutral good wizard  

Special Ops Cyberpunk Squad
– Monica Bates – head of internal security
– Polissandra – cyber assassin asset acquired in a police raid
– Pollisandra v2 / hairless
– Jason Zagloba – ale-loving mercenary
– Val “The Aceman” Stratos – insane pilot that gets the job done
– Airborn CED Module – CED prototype upgrade flying unit
– Ariborn CED Gunship Module – v2 with extra fire power  

– Crusader Marines – two-handed weapon modular squad  

– Cyber Temple Complete Base Set – 30 elements  

– Power Station
– Sattelite Tower
– Barbed Fence
– Neon Signs – LED ready!
– Ryan Ricksson Statue – In Rick We Trust!

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