SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Progress Report Issue Three

SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Progress Report Issue Three

This, Progress Report for SLA Industries, is a 24-page PDF brought to you by the Nightfall team while we endure yet another COVID-induced lockdown. This document also features a guest writer: Mr. Bart Wynants, who has joined our rules team on The Terminator RPG project. Check out the QuickStart for that here on DriveThruRPG.

Continuing with the Randomisation Tables we shared in the second Progress Report, Dave has created a couple more. One for the Cannibal Sectors and one for your BPNs.


Next up we have the second chapter of the BPN cookbook which, similar to the mini-campaign seeds, gives the GM a spark of an idea to build on. There are six recipes (missions) this time, mainly written by Dave Allsop, but with one from Mark Rapson. Scavs, Stormers, and new SAC missions all feature. All ideas which can be the basis of either a one shot or something that can be woven into your ongoing campaign.

Many people have noticed the demise of the Vevaphons, their removal from the game was quite simply driven by the fact that they did not add much to the PC options not already covered by the other species. Back in 2019, Mark and Shep delved into their demise with some detail and enthusiasm, a very small part of that writing made it into the 2nd Edition core rulebook, but we know many would like a more in-depth explanation. Linked to that, Mark has also written a mini-campaign which will allow a GM to create a 5 to 10 session story arc. As with many things SLA, the opportunity for death and destruction is high, but with that also melancholy and sadness, as we close the book on the Vevs forever.

Similar to the more in-depth story of the Vevs, included next is a detailed description of The Pit. The explanation includes a more structural description which will help players visualise the place better.

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