The Oubliette Primer Preview – Part 4

The Oubliette presents a self-contained bottle setting that allows for play from level 1 up to 20 and above. It is a realm of impressionistic fantasy where toy-like characters can engage in humorous magical hijinks, yet it expands to allow for suspenseful melodrama and mature themes. Although the Oubliette contains several realms, the central world of the setting is Nore, whose cities are built out of treasure literally upon the back of the central goddess who created life within her realm.

However this Goddess is not a true deity, but a high-level adventurer who used magic to create sentient species as assistants in escaping the Oubliette, which to her was a demi-realm prison. She created an environment to exist in while trapped, but now this goddess sleeps in a mystical suspended animation. Yet while she slumbers, thousands upon thousands of years later the descendants of those beings she had created to help her now fight in internal conflicts against her failed experiments, beings who have likewise perpetuated themselves in the corners of this realm.

This 31-page document is the last of four which combined will be over 100 pages of The Oubliette Primer. The sales from these pdfs will help produce the final book, The Oubliette and Adventures on Nore, which will be a full setting book of over 300 pages.

Part 4 of The Oubliette Primer contains information for The Nature of Death in the Oubliette, Technology of the Oubliette, Nearside Politics & Conflict, Spell Lore of Nore, Spells of the Goddess Norah, Oubliette Money and Treasure, and an optional rule called the Order of Magnitude, to help with the problem of scale.

Please keep your eyes open for a Kickstarter to be launched this January!

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