The Solitaire: D&D Class for Optimal Solo Adventure Play


The Solitaire character class: optimized for solo play!

A conduit of Fate’s power, the solitaire class is a solo adventure game-changer!

Fate Intercedes to:

  • Create a force-pulse, pushing enemies away and generating space between combatants

  • Alter damage type depending on the enemy at hand

  • Move with climb, swim, or even a fly speed

  • Situationally increase armor class

  • Boost movement speed

  • Bolster damage against dangerous foes

  • And more!

If the Solitaire class isn’t for you, feats provided allow any D&D class access to Fate’s Intercessions.

This ten-page document is chock full of powers, lore, and new ideas that will make every solo adventure (and even small group adventures) more dynamic, fun, and rewarding.

Don’t hold back, listen to Fate’s call now!

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