101 Savage Kinfolk

Weaponized Ink continues to expand the prehistoric civilization found in Werewolf the Savage Age by partnering with Neal Litherland and the 100 Kinfolk Project to provide more than one hundred kinfolk writeups, art, and story ideas.  101 Savage Kinfolk is designed to make playing in the War of Rage easier for both players and Storytellers.  

Build Vibrant Fera Communities

Inside You Will Find:

  • Over 120 kinfolk writeups and concepts to use in a Savage Age or Apocalypse game.  
  • An easy and cost-effective way to expand the players’ community.  No longer are the kin relegated to shadowy background status.  This books makes it easy to build colorful and interesting community around the players’ Fera. 
  • Paul Way does it again with his art.  
  • Each entry is also a potential character concept.  
  • Previews of what is to come for the Savage Age.  The deep past is the future for the Savage Age! 
  • Inside are over 100 kinfolk examples for the newly establshed Garou Nation (canids and cave bears), Khara (smilodons), Celican (fae cats), Wlewa (cave lions), Ajah-Abah (hyenas and cave hyenas), Urkama (bats), Naghaluu (dire wolves), and a few surprises!  

101 Savage Kinfolk is designed to be played with either Accounting for the Dead (Savage Age Volume 1) and/or The Rise of the Garou (Savage Age Volume 2)

Apocalypse players will also be able to use these concepts with minimal tweaking.  No new mechanics are introduced in this book so the content is easily portable back and forth between Savage Age and Apocalypse.  

… As always, if there is something we can do to improve this (or any other product) drop us a line at WeaponizedInk@gmail.com

The Fera Are Only As Strong As Their Kin.  These Kin are Like Stone!  

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