Entreat The Darkness – TTRPG Safety Tool For Zweihander RPG

While your games oftentimes put characters at risk, they should not put players at risk.

ENTREAT THE DARKNESS is a tabletop RPG toolkit designed to help everyone at the table–players and Gamemaster alike–mindfully navigate sensitive content, themes and topics in games Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER. This toolkit allows the entire gaming group to breathe life into the shared fiction and maintain unanimous consent.

Using a simple worksheet and hand gestures, this toolkit is designed for use in home games, for use at gaming conventions, text-based and streamed games on Twitch and the like. While not all games need a TTRPG safety toolkit, this one is designed explicitly for the horrors and dark themes you’ll often encounter in Powered By ZWEIHÄNDER RPG games.

The digital version is presented 100% free, while the print-on-demand version is sold at-cost.

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