Gamebook Zine 01

First edition of the Gamebook Zine #01

Welcome to the Gamebook Zine – a new magazine released free online and also available for print and kindle. Link below.
Want to support the magazine and get the extended edition? Check out the ko-fi:

Free edition includes:
Malivor: Cataclysm’s Edge By TroyAnthony Schermer,
‘Gunslinger’ By Dave Sharock,
Worldsend and Catacombs of the BloodStone by Simon Palmer,
How To Start Writing A Novel By James Day,
Time To Smite The Dragon By Adam Mitchell
How to begin writing a gamebook as part of Don Bosco’s Gamebook Academy.
Also includes fantastic pencil artwork by Pat ONeil.

Printed and extended issues include two extra 4 page short games, ‘The Invisible Gardener’ and ‘The Witch’s Familiar’.

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