Embrace the wind and rain with this new, weather focussed supplement for D&D 5e. This product features 8 subclasses, 19 new monsters, as well as a small collection of new spells and magic items, all of which invoke the might of storms and the wind.

Each of this supplement’s carefully crafted player options are intended to bring new opportunities to the table with refreshing new mechanics that still adhere to 5e’s general philosophy of elegant simplicity.

For DMs, the various monsters included in this book also strive to provide interesting new encounters and stoke your own creativity. From parasitic powder plants blown on the wind to terrifying drakes that rush through the sky like whirling, bladed lightning, all monsters have something unique they bring to combat or social encounters. The author’s personal favorite is the Cloud Whale, a Titanic (yes, proper noun) beast that drifts calmly through the upper atmosphere – until you threaten one of its calves.

Subclasses Featured in this Product Include:

  • Galvanist Artificer
  • College of All-Symphony Bard
  • Freedom Domain Cleric
  • Circle of the Nimbus Druid
  • Galehand Archetype Fighter
  • Way of Typhoon’s Calm Monk
  • Lightning Rider Rogue
  • The Tempest Patron Warlock

Find all of this and more in this passion-project supplement for D&D 5e.

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This product is priced at $2.00


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