SEE YOU, SPACE COWBOY… – Ashcan Version


S E E  Y O U,  S P A C E  C O W B O Y . . . (abbreviated CUSC) is a tabletop roleplaying game zine set in outer space where the players create characters called Outlaws, bounty hunters who fly across the galaxy in search of their next payday, landing in hot water, manipulating people, and starting gunfights. One player is called the Bandleader. They set up situations for the Outlaws to overcome, including playing as all of the antagonists, bounties, friendly characters, talking computers, and other things they might meet.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this Ashcan Version is the beta playtest rules. The complete version will be available in Q3 2021 in PDF and print.

In this game, player characters have Traits which are assigned a die–a d6, d8, d10 or d12. When you want to do something risky, you will roll that die. The Traits are broken down into 4 categories: Muscles, Moves, Brains and Cool. Each is associated with a particular maneuver or action, called a Break (as in “musical break,” “break for it,” or “solo break.”) Whenever you do something with a risk of failure, you’ll perform a Break.

 Characters also have Talents which will allow them to add an extra d4 to their roll. These talents can be as specific or broad as the players like, but it’s more fun when they’re specific! 

Depending on the result of the dice roll, something different happens: 

  • If the result is a 5 or below, you fail and maybe something bad happens. You also gain 1 Juice.
  • If the result is a 6 to 9,  you partially succeed–maybe you tried to break down a door, but attracted unwanted attention in the process. Maybe you tried to disarm a foe, but he countered and now both your weapons are on the ground. Maybe you maneuver your Starfighter poorly and hit an asteroid.
  • If the result is a 10 or above, you succeed with flying colours. If the unmodified dice roll is the maximum possible (a 6 on a d6, an 8 on a d8, etc.) you gain 1 Juice, even if the result is only a partial success.

There are also special equipment and circumstances that can give you flat bonuses to your Break rolls and also advantage or disadvantage, depending on what’s going on.

But what if I only have a d6? I can’t possibly succeed! This is where Juice comes in. Any time you fail a Break, you gain 1 Juice. If you fail and already have some Juice, you can expend that Juice in order to roll all the dice again and add the result to your previous roll.

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