The Undead March is Here!

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The release consists of:

Imelstar the Soul Eater
The faction Hero.

Flesh Devourer
A terrifying monster full of bombs; a great siege weapon for capturing (and devouring) a fortress all by itself. It usually doesn’t need any support in battle, but sometimes it can go out of control.

Two vampire knights with replaceable heads and one monster vampire with wings.

Vampires are an indispensable part of every Undead army, whether it’s agile vampire knights or ancient powerful vampire. Unlike the common Undead warriors or creatures, they are more intelligent to complete more complicated objectives.

Orvid, the Eternal Thirst Knight
Lucian, the Thawed Blood
Cardal, Wings of Death

Zombie Wolfen “Undead Wolfen Ripper” and zombie centaur “Aitar, the Undead Centaur
The fallen creatures animated by the dark powers. Now those creatures serve the darkness.

5x Undead Warrior:

The Undead warriors for the custom assembly. The regular soldiers of the army ready to obey any command.

Zombie Infantry and their commander
The zombies indeed seem very clumsy and slow, but they actually don’t need to be quick. The zombies are already dead so they obviously can’t die twice; they will keep fighting from dusk till dawn and you can’t get rid of them that easy. Their commander Eternal Hunt Rider knows their strengths and weaknesses well to make sure they show their best skills on the Battlefield and attack the opponent’s weak points.

Zombie Archer
Zombie with Two-Handed Sword
Zombie Landsknecht
Zombie Crossbowman
Eternal Hunt Rider

This is the universal army the Demon Necromancer leads to capturing new lands.
The set also includes brand new bases with diameters of 32mm, 50mm, 60mm, and 80mm, as well as Scenery Elements, to emphasize the Undead theme and make the collection even more exciting.


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