Airship Campaigns Hardcover Book with 70 STL Files (featuring DMDave)

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A year ago, I wrote a bunch of content for my buddy Benny McLennan for his Airship Campaign Skies of Sordane. I wrote this even before we kicked off Legends of Omeria.

A year later, he’s following up that campaign with a new book featuring that content.

If you want to see DMDave’s take on airship rules and get a lot of cool minis to go with it, be sure to check out this Kickstarter, as it’s a doozy. 

Check Out the Kicstarter Now (Early Bird Specials Still Available)

For those of you who want to see some of what I wrote, be sure to check out the sample below. And to get in on the early bird special, be sure to click the link below as it’ll save you a significant amount of cheddar.

Airship Campaigns Kickstarter 


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