Atrius: A World Remade

Enter Atrius, a world built on the ashes of armageddon. A world where ancient war engines rust and rot in farmer’s fields, where the ruins of once-mighty cities bloom in spectacular verdant displays every spring. It is a world where the people wield magic and half-understood technology in great hunts of feral machines, where the miraculous living metal Vitium flows through the cells of every living thing, where ancient AIs who both saved and damned the world are worshipped as gods. Atrius is a land of great treasurers and great mysteries, where riches and danger alike can be found in the remote reaches of the world. All that is needed is the courage to reach out and seize such opportunities.

Atrius: A World Remade is designed to seamlessly blend science-fiction with heroic fantasy. This book lets you run campaigns for low level adventurers as well as high-level heroes, using all the material from the core 5e rules along with the additions in this book.

This 69-page setting guide contains the following:

  • 5 new playable races; Duren, Furae, Raknin, Steelborn and Vitareen, as well as humans
  • 12 brand new monsters, from the spell-networked Mystech to the apocalyptically powerful TRSK Titan-class walker
  • A whole new game world, replete with a pantheon of AI gods, distinct cultures and dangerous realms for PCs to explore
  • Powerful new equipment, including relic tech and energy weapons
  • New spells and additional rules for radiation
  • New subclasses, including the Druid Circle of Steel and the AI Patron for Warlocks

This product is priced at $4.99


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