Power Trip

Power Trip is not a comic book, no matter how much the cover looks like one. David and I are just having fun with that. 

Power Trip is not a full-fledged roleplaying game.  It’s a kind of an outline and a plan for a supers rpg.  A skillful GM and players could use it to play a game, but they will have to fill in a lot of the details for themselves.

To play and understand this version of Power Trip, you should also have Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes by Michael Stackpole, available from Flying Buffalo.

Power Trip is a reprint of a Tunnels & Trolls fanzine that I did with some help and art from my subscribers back in 1985.  It was meant to create enthusiasm for a superheroes game I was developing based on Tunnels & Trolls rules.  The actual game came out somewhat differently. A complete version of Power Trip was published by Jim Shipman of Outlaw Press, not by me. I was not very happy with that production.  Find it if you can. I don’t have one.  Ken St. Andre, 2021.

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