Corners of Creation: The Chaos Engine

The world of Exalted is vast and ancient, a world of endless mystery and possibility. The Corners of Creation series describes strange and wonderous places, complete with write-ups for the characters who inhabit them, suggestions for using the setting in stories, and extra options for player characters.


The Chaos Engine is the product of a raksha’s mad obsession with machinery. She and her followers have rebuilt a mysterious, gargantuan machine to match their insane aesthetic of Wyld-tainted technology, creating something strange and terrible.



  • A detailed setting rife with faerie mechanisms.
  • Six sets of character traits, including a Second Circle Demon.
  • Two new Merits.
  • Five new Artefacts, including a Warstrider.
  • And more Story Seeds than you can shake a daiklave at.

This product is priced at $3.99


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