Hero Kids Challenge Pack 3

Bring the fun of puzzles and “escape room” excitement to any Hero Kids adventure with our third Challenge Pack! This time two of the Challenges include 3D props you and the kids can cut out and construct.

The Stone Cube     Secret Code Cylinder

This Pack includes:

  • The Stone Cube – Heroes have to experiment with the cube to carry out the solution.
  • Cryptic Parchments – Strange markings on the parchments can only be read when you know the secret. Has directions for making your own messages.
  • Secret Code Cylinder – This multi-stage puzzle combines a combination “code cylinder” with a fun animation reveal and a double puzzle. Some or all elements can combine to make this easy or challenging.

All Challenges include:

  • Suggestions for how to use it in an existing adventure – Opening secret doors and uncovering hidden directions are examples. It’s completely up to the GM, though.
  • Tips for making them easier for younger players – Suggestions are given for clues or different ways to introduce the puzzles.
  • Materials to print and cut out

Note that two of the Challenges in this Pack do involve reading. As always, tips are given to make the puzzles enjoyable even for young players. 

The Challenge Packs are not stand-alone adventures. With some creativity and adjustments, you can add them in any adventure.

Watch for the upcoming adventure, Verlad’s Escape Challenge, that combines any Challenge Packs in an exciting escape room dungeon crawl! Coming later this month.

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