Weli Thron’s Guide to the Miniscule and Mighty

Deep in a forest, lost in the Feywilds, and even underground and underwater…
These are some of the places you may find these stout beings. Typically, they might attack wandering adventurers or hide themselves from curious eyes. However, recently some have been coming forward, ready to explore the world around them. Kobolds with eyes brimming with excitement (and sunlight sensitivity). Fairies and pixies flying out to the open world beyond their nests. Axolotians swim up to the surface of their lakes to join wayword travelers.


Rules for Small and Tiny Races! Ever have a player curious about playing a size shorter than four feet? Now you can more easily say what differences that may hold!

Four Unique Races! Rodentians, Axolotians, Fairies, and Pixies all take to being adventureres!

Subraces for Kobolds! Ever wonder why kobolds have no scale-specific abilities or anything relating to the dragons they worship? Now they do! Sink your teeth into some new kobold subraces!

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