100 Hooks and Rumours to Hear in Aihrde

When asking around in various places, characters may hear rumours about various things. This supplement has 100 rumours for them to hear in Aihrde, primarily in the Lands of Ursal. Whether or not a particular rumour is true or not is up to the Castle Keeper or GameMaster. They could be distortions of the true facts, outright lies and misinformation or be completely true. The rumours can be used to hide the real truth, as background colour or as potential adventure hooks.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Punj has been seeking to open trade with the dwarves of Grundliche-Hohle, but the dwarves have been reluctant to even reply, given memories of past battles. There’s a rumour that Punj is sending another delegation to Grundliche-Hohle, one that plans to offer something more in exchange for opening up trade routes. No-one seems to know just what the offer could be, though.
  • Some of the Crusader States of New Aenoch have been meeting with Empress Pryzmira, attempting to get her to grant the right of inheritance to more of them, something only a few of the states currently have. Their proposal is apparently based on making the states more of a counterbalance to the country’s Electors, and that is something the Electors themselves don’t want. It’s uncertain whether the empress would wish to give up a degree of power over the states that she holds by granting the right of inheritance as well.
  • Tagea and Eloria recently entered into an alliance to seize back control of the oceans from the encroaching Hanse City States and Maine. The Tageans are also rumoured to have started enlarging the size of their navy, with more pure warships, and there are claims that Tagean ships have skirmished with Hanse and Maine ships far from either of the latter nations, as the beginning of a campaign to cripple the naval power of those two.
  • Tales of the vast treasures that the orcs carted away after the Winter Dark Wars to the archipelago of Onwaltig have been around since the end of the conflict. Many thieves and adventurers have travelled to the island but so far none have returned with any treasure, if they have returned at all. There’s a rumour that these tales are being deliberately spread by the orcs to lure the greedy and foolish in so that they can be easily disposed of before they gain true power.
  • The Aathians of Aatuck, before their decline, had wondrous cities and flying ships. Those appear to be long lost by now, although recently a group returned from the area claiming to have found a cache of the Aathians old flying ships. Such vessels would be valuable to any power, if the rumours are true.

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