100 Traits for Villages and Other Settlements

To make settlements stand out more, instead of having them blurring together, they can be given traits, an unusual or noteworthy feature, whether physical or custom, that characters can encounter. Some of these traits will just provide background colour whilst others could be the source of problems or potential adventure hooks. Many of the traits are most suited to small settlements, such as villages, for larger ones, such as major towns and cities, are less likely to have a single overriding trait. However, some of these traits could be used to make districts in larger urban areas more distinctive.

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Here are some sample results:

  • Significant fortifications surround the settlement, for it is in a dangerous area that is often raided. Patrols of scouts are regularly sent out to keep an eye on things.
  • Soldiers are a common site in the settlement and there are many barracks and military stables. It functions as a hub for local patrols.
  • Songbirds are popular in the village and most households will have at least one. There is an extensive industry based around raising and caring for the birds.
  • Springs reputed to have medicinal properties make this settlement a popular place for those with aches and pains, and sometimes other illnesses, to visit. The springs are used to fill several baths that people can visit to receive the medicinal properties.
  • Statues of angels of all sizes and materials in many different poses can be found all over the village.

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