Ambushers of the Splitrock pass

Welcome to the first installment in “Detailed Encounters” series!

“Ambushers of the Splitrock pass” – it’s an encounter – adventure that features new monsters with unique stat blocks, new magic item, custom battle map, and detailed NPC or two. 

You can use “Ambushers” to throw an interesting encounter at your players. Alternatively, story bits and advice in the book will help you convert the encounter into a full-blown adventure!

“Ambushers” is best suited for an adventuring party of 4-5 characters of levels 4 to 5. However, you can easily scale it using advice inside.

If there is enough interest in this title, to raise it to the Copper status – I will release another Detailed Encounter. 

If this title reaches Silver status – I will release an adventure based on this story (how I’d run it).

This is the first encounter in a series, and as such, any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Help me make each new adventure better than the last one 😉

This product is priced at $1.50


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