Cybertopia Campaign 1

Cybertopia is a homebrew system designed to be playable by even first timers to the RPG world but still fun for veterans. Its simple mechanics lend themselves to fun RP and narrative-leaning gameplay for quick one-shot sessions or drop-in/drop-out groups over longer campaigns.

The near-future setting and wide open customization allows players to shape their characters to the limits of their imaginations but GMs could also easily adapt the ruleset to any world or genre.

This campaign book contains 8 fully laid out missions with character and scene descriptions, including a fun festive themed mission and a finale mission with a twist to lead into a future campaign. There are a further 3 missions currently in progress and all sales will be updated for their inclusion when they are ready.

The book is currently lacking illustrations but if this gets enough sales, a professional illustrator will be brought on board and all sold copies updated to the full art-worked version.

This product is priced at $30.00


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