The CaptainS Table

The Captains Table

“If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Welcome to the Captains Table, the most exclusive restaurant on the Civilization Class Colony Crownship ‘Of course it’s ours, we planted a flag’. Reserved for the Captain, the cream of Emperion society and their most special of guests, this restaurant serves the rarest and most decadent fare imaginable on the entire colonial plate.

The ingredients, preparation and cooking methods are all lovingly overseen by Class V double locked AstroChef hyper sentience. The resulting morsels, delicacies and delights are exquisitely flavoured and nutritionally perfect. Those most worthy patrons, lucky enough to consume them, will experience significant boosts to their physical, cognitive and spiritual prowess for some considerable time after their dining experience.

Each choice from the Entree, Main and Dessert sections have their own unique bonuses to impart.

This is a piece of system agnostic content to add a decadent Sci-Fi restaurant menu of exotic and alien dishes to any game.

Included are a player habdout version and a GM copy with extra notes.


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