The Desert Tomb

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The Desert Tomb:
Behold, the Desert Tomb!¬†Deep within the bowels of the earth, you’ll find a mysterious, long-forgotten tomb of a dark and formidable lord. Prior to this lord’s death, he commanded that on the day he dies, his personal guards and his most trusted servants be buried with his corpse…it didn’t matter if they themselves were dead or alive. Somewhere in the labyrinth beneath the Temple of the Sun, they all rest. Legend has it that inside each of their tombs lay jewels, weapons, and magical treasures of unknown origin. But is it ever a bright idea to disturb the dead in their eternal rest? ¬†Particularly ones that didn’t go peacefully into the night…

1 Core Map (Variants + Day/Night + Gridded/Gridless):
– The Desert Tomb

– Closed Door
– Open Door
– False Wall

Map Specs:
26×39 Grid Squares

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