The Rising Tempest by The DM Tool Chest | New 8th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

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A lava dragon and her brood have made a volcano on a jungle island their new home. The volcano is now building towards a major eruption, and it threatens the island inhabitants with extinction. This adventure is set in the Freelands campaign setting but can be adapted to fit any campaign that has a jungle island with an active volcano.


The lava dragon Sogot, Lady of Fire, has brought her wyrmlings to the volcano on the island of Mahatol. She was driven from her home by a band of adventurers and sought a new refuge for her children to grow. Finding the volcano on Mahatol was mostly an accident; she was not expecting to find anything so far out into the ocean. She is now licking her wounds and recovering while her wyrmlings timidly explore the area.

Mahatol lies far beyond the shores of civilization, covered in a lush jungle teeming with life and untouched by the modern world. The volcano has become more active with each passing day since the arrival of Sogot and her children. The island’s tribal inhabitants are unaware of the lava dragon’s influence, but they instinctively recognize the signs that an eruption is brewing. Confrontations with the other jungle tribes and creatures are becoming more frequent and violent as well.

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