A Viking’s guide to d&d

This is the first part of A Viking’s guide to d&d, where I have taken my love for Norse mythology and combined it with my love for d&d.

In this book, you will find 11 new subclasses, that all fit into forgotten realms lore and still giving them a Viking feel. Also 20 encounters for the DM if they want to add some Norse-inspired things to the mix. Three Backgrounds as well as two new monsters for the dm to use and the players to meet.

  • 3 New Backgrounds
    • Viking Shipwright
    • Runescribe
    • Raider
  • 11 New Viking Subclasses
    • Barbarian Path of the Einherjar
    • Cleric Strength Domain
    • Druid Circle of Fenrir
    • Druid Circle of Jörmungandr
    • Fighter Huscarl
    • Monk Way of Glima
    • Paladin Oath of Courage
    • Ranger of The Wild Hunt
    • Sorcerer Ymir
    • Warlock Yggdrasil
    • Wizard Gothi

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