Advanced Options

  Advanced Options are supplemental rules for 5th edition D&D which provide many exciting new ways to customize your character.  This gives players more choices for building characters with changes to level progression, class features, and feats as presented in the Player’s Handbook.   

   Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition is a great game system and there is elegance in its simplicity.  However, many players desire to fine-tune characters more, and/or would like to see a greater variety between characters.

   The goal of Advanced Options is to add depth without complexity, to retain the enjoyable ease of gameplay by keeping D&D 5e’s core mechanics while allowing more freedom to customize your character the way you want it.

   Being able to select features from more than one subclass opens up character progression options that fit narrative arcs which were not previously accommodated. A few examples are: a wizard who is adept in manipulating evocation’s destructive energies, but after a tragic accident decides to pursue studies in abjuration’s protective magics; a cleric whose god has purview over more than one domain and is granted power in each of them;

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