Sky Islands: Akara the Engineer

The third freebie from our Sky Islands kickstarter! Akara is one of the heroes of the Sky Islands. She is a friendly NPC who takes broken wreck and turns them into useful habitats. She is unparalleled in her ability to salvage functional treasure from literal trash. In addition to her talents as an engineer, she is a fantastic pilot as well with the ability to figure out a new vessel with breathtaking speed. Akara is an Angelae, one of the many races in the World of Aach’yn where the Sky Islands float on the horizon. We hope you enjoy this latest free release from our third Kickstarter. Akara prints 100% without supports

We’d love to show you pictures, in detail, of the models in this set. But unfortunately Drivethrurpg’s image management & database operations are run by underpaid complainers with a truly soviet work ethic.  Alternatively, you can just search the internet for this set on Minihoarder and MyMiniFactory. Both of these other websites posses the impressive and cutting edge modern technology of an image server.

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