100 Assorted Pirate Treasures

100 Assorted Pirate Treasures
This list contains 100 different fancy treasures to shove into that buried treasure chest or throw into the ship’s hold below. This list is also usable for randomly rolling up assorted fantasy treasures. Values are given in gold coins– with rates similar to that of certain popular role playing games. Adjust values as desired.

Example Rolls:
2    Black Coral Carved Scrollcase with Relief of an Ocean Floor Scene (1150 gold)
26  Fancy Zither Adorned with Settings of Abalone and Unakite (175 gold)
43  Jade Praying Mantis Figurine (75 gold)
60    Polished Piece of Amber with a Trapped Small Lizard Eating a Spider Inside (320 gold)
78    Silver Octopus Belt Buckle with Garnet Eyes (190 gold)
92    Small Whistle Crafted from Aventurine with Engraved Reliefs of Vines (85 gold)

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