Ingeborg’s Guide to Hugging Illithids

Ingeborg’s Guide to Hugging Illithids

(and other aberrations)

In this tome of strange and incomprehensible lore, the aberrant warlock and astral pirate Ingeborg Salt-Hag guides the reader through the intricacies of finding, befriending, and yes, hugging, aberrations of every blush. With this book, you get:

  • Twenty-five monster stat-blocks for creatures of the aberration type, along with all the lore you need to use these creatures in your campaigns,
  • Twenty-five magic items of aberrant origin or history,
  • Twenty pages of lore on the rise and fall of the ancient illithid empire, including an in-depth anatomical description of ceremorphosis,
  • Two spells: enfold the soul and Vlaakith’s vector trace,
  • and a liberal smattering of notes and insight from Ingeborg and her ship’s wizard, Omne Murus, compiled from their long years sailing the Astral Sea.

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