March 2021 – Urlag Gorbok – Fortified ruined outpost

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Welcome to another new month! I’m sorry for the late showing for what’s coming this month. But I have the first wave of Orc terrain wips to show you!

Orcs and Dwarves have been natural enemies since forever! This time, the dwarves have lost one of their outposts to the green tide! A powerful Orc warlord has now taken residence in the once grand Dwarven home. And he is making a few changes to the stinky dwarf fort!

The first wave will consist of the walls of the outpost – all Orcified, and a Hall fit for clipping big Orcish toenails. I still have a few more walls and towers to add to the outpost.

In the next wave, we will have some Orc tents, one for the shaman, a throne worthy of a warlord, and a watchtower/barraks for the boyz! So please stay tuned!

Thanks, and stay safe everyone!



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