Meanders All-Purpose Map Pack – MODERN CITY EXPANSION I

For Printing it includes two 8100 x 5400 (27×18″) 300dpi Jpg – With a 1″ grid AND No grid.*

  • For VTT it includes 3780 x 2520 (140px) 72dpi Jpg (No Grid) for VTT’s with lots of memory.

  • Also for VTT, 1350 x 900 (50px) 72dpi Jpg (No Grid) for memory-hungry VTT’s.

  • 17 Maps Included:

    • Supermarket 

    • Army Base 

    • Airport 

    • Gas Station 

    • Subway Station 

    • HighRise Rooftop Bonus

    * Printing Note: This product does not include PDF’s owing to the requirement for breaking a single map into 20 individual PDF’s – where an attempt to do so would result in 1140 individual files to download. It is recommended using a free program like PosteRazor to break the larger size maps into the optimal number of sheets for printing.

    This product is priced at $8.99


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