A lonely Road to Revolution

Above the green swamp with thick waters looms the picture-perfect palace of the Elven city ‘Porto Verde’, in whose vast shadow lies the workers’ district of the city. Subconsiously, everyone feels that something is afoot, looming in the dirty and dark alleys of the workers’ district. In the distance is the ever-shunned canyon, shrouded in mysterious black fog. A group of adventurers will find themselves in a chain of events that will change the entire city and region forever. 

Ei Gude!

You want to go on a weird mission to recover a magical artefact? You want to play a revolution in an immensely decadent and authoritarian city? You want weird humour by some random German guy (me, the author)? All three?! Well, then here you go! Starting off in the most classical way, waking up in an unkown tavern with no memories from last night, the adventurers will get a seemingly generic quest by a very peculiar orcish barkeeper. Heading of to their quest, the adventurers are not the ones that will come back completely changed, but the city will be! After returning from the journey, harsh desicions have to be made! ‘A lonely Road to Revolution’ is an opportunity to play a not always too serious, but grown-up adventure with a low-level party. 

It is the first ever adventure I wrote out in its entirety! It is actually the first adventure I ever ran as a DM but immensely refurbished. Initially 4 pages long, the whole document now covers 21 pages, of which 18 describe the adventure. You will find custom statblocks, intesive descriptions of the beautiful port-city ‘Porto Verde’, the ‘Swamp-Land’ to the west and ‘the canyon’ in the swamp-land, and as much info on the plot and encounters as I could think of!

I playtested it with some friends, and it took us about 16 hours to complete it. After that playtest, I added more possible encounters and lore, so it is possible to run it even longer. It is also fairly possible to be much faster than we were, which is why I wrote “12 to 16 hours”.  I almost always gave room to adjust the difficulty of the adventure, but beware of playing it only with squishy and low-level spellcasters! 

Quick Disclaimer: There are currently no maps for this adventure included. I’m not too good at making them and usually just use various free maps, as one may find in the internet. It is fairly possible to run this adventure, like most, with just a plain tile-map, because I really tried to compensate the lack of maps with extensive descriptions of the surroundings.

However, I also used some little doodles I made. I will refurbish them a bit and upload them for free later on, but please don’t expect too much: as aforementioned, I’m not too great at making them.

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