HU: Cities, Towns, and Villages Guide

Creating more realistic villages, towns, and cities is often a challenge when creating your own
areas. This system agnostic guide is designed to be a quick and easy tool to help you get past this barrier, and help you quickly create villages, towns, and cities. This guide will help you generate their size, the activities generally performed in that location, and any special resources available.

This booklet is split into three parts: 1) world-building; 2) location building; and 3) events.
The world-building part is where you figure out the population and the number of villages,
towns, and cities based on your map. This part also contains all of the explanation and math
about what we are attempting to bracket in – you can skip to the tables if you don’t want to
read all of the details! Location building will help you quickly build a village, town, or city.
The events section has some quick ways to determine if anything special is going on in the
location, as well as contains some diseases and beneficial occurrences.

Here’s an excerpt of part of the village table:

HU: Partial Village Table

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