Into the Veil — Dusk Veil RPG

Ever wanted to play in an epic modern fantasy world with Dwarves and guns, magic and computers, enchanted runes for motorcycles? Well, now you can.

Into the Veil is a 1st level adventure meant to introduce you to the system and setting of Dusk Veil RPG

Dusk Veil is an Urban Fantasy RPG using the Pathfinder Second Edition rules as a base for a game set in the modern world. The twist: all the ancestries you know and love, and the magic that comes with them exist hidden from the mundane world.  Will your characters uncover what is behind the Veil? 

Into the Veil introduces you to the world of Dusk Veil.  Players start in a mundane waiting room and are quickly thrust into mystical events that could change the world forever. The PDF includes rules for vehicles and firearms (as well as chances to use them) and everything else you will need to run the adventure, including one new monster, a swarm of mind-controlling bugs, to terrorize your PCs.  The download includes 4 high-quality maps, optimized for use with a Virtual Tabletop of your choice.

Find 1st level pre-generated characters and custom blank character sheets, as well more in-depth rules discussion by finding Dusk Veil on the web

This product is priced at $3.99


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