Prestige Class Compendium Vol.02

Published the first volume of this project at very nearly actually, but the people have loved ideas in it. So, I decided to make a volume two with new ideas and retcons from 3.5th edition prestige classes. The general concept of the documentation, which I created this time with twenty-three different prestige classes and brand new combinations, is quite similar to the previous one, even almost the same.

I would also like to point out that in this introduction I will be preparing a complete edition very soon and you will find all classes in the same documentation, browsed according to your feedback. You can also get this complete edition for less than the combined price of the two documents.

Why are there Prestige Classes instead of Multiclass?
I love the multiclass concept in 5e, but there are broken things at (especially) higher levels to creators cannot see in the process. Of course, I cannot do any better things than theirs, but at least I try and do my BEST to enhance my game quality.

I think you agree with those problems and I hope to agree with my solutions. My Prestige Class thinging is not corporate Multiclassing. It is instead Multiclassing. Let’s jump to my 5e Prestige Class system and Prestige Classes then.

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