State of the Dragon #132

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PATREON: Alright, a couple points of order here. First and foremost, we have our Patron live chat this Saturday, the 13th, at noon EST. I encourage you to take advantage of that and come hang out! Speaking of our Patron rewards, I mentioned wanting to make some tweaks here, and I sat down to do some thinking about it, and realized that I want this to be a community-focused space, so I want to hear from you all. Of course, feel free to drop any free-form feedback you have (here in comments, message me on Twittter or Discord, etc.) but I’ll also be putting together a survey or poll of some kind to get some data to help make sure you’re getting the experience you want. Still figuring out what questions will be asked, and it may take some time to get it up, but be on the lookout for that, it’ll get posted here. Apart from this, expect your regularly-scheduled content here. Stream drafts and other such things. 🙂

STREAMING: Last week went as normal, with no off-schedule streams. We wrote ourselves a fun little adventure, and played a neat hack-and-slash tabletop game on Friday. This week though, we’ve got some exciting stuff in the works! In addition to our normal streams on Monday and Friday, we’ve got a stream planned for 2pm EST on Wednesday, collaborating with another Vtuber and playing some games together. It’ll be a lot of fun, so check that out if you can, I highly recommend it. And go follow the channel if you don’t already, it’ll keep you notified of when we go live so you don’t miss a stream!

DISCORD: Still very much a space you should be hanging out in, because there’s usually some good discussion going on here, and there are some really cool people who hang out here. As an added bonus, our Patron live chat is coming up soon, so this is the place to be for that!

RISE OF THE ROBOTS: I went in on this and published it this past week, so that’s available now! Grab it at the link here (, or it’s also on DrivethruRPG alongside my other products listed on my publisher page. Of course, if you’re a Patron here on Patreon, you’ve still got access to the draft version here from a while back, so that’s an option too if you want to enjoy the adventure.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Still mostly on Twitter, and have been dabbling a bit with Instagram, which I’m feeling a little better about. This isn’t to say I won’t look for more to branch out to, because that’s still in the cards. And I’m still very much trying to get a hang of Instagram, and it doesn’t feel like it’s a great way to get my content across. But a few more likes and follows over there are making me feel a little more favorably disposed towards it.

BLOG: I went in and tweaked a few plugins, removed a lot of old media files that were clogging up space, and updated a page or two. I also sat down and did a little bit of planning for what sort of content might go up, and I’ve got at least a general idea of that. Still more work to be done here, and I really need to figure out how to optimize the site’s performance a bit better. But we’re probably only a couple weeks out from the blog coming back to life.

OTHER PROJECTS: Cleared a commission this past week, and I’ve maybe got another small one rolling in. I’ve also got one longer ongoing one, so I don’t *exactly* lack for work right now, but I’m still actively seeking out opportunities. I’ve also got my big side project still cooking up, and I made a good bit of progress on it this past week. Of course, I have some other, less developed works going on too, and I’m actually really eager to get in on those too, since they involve working in different media than I’m used to. More on those in the future, I hope. I’m also entertaining the possibility of some more collaborative efforts, mostly on a one-off basis. We’ll see what shapes up!

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: Alright, so personal stuff has been pretty not great. I’m just going to lay that out there. I’m pressing through though. Eyes forward, keep working, and hopefully come out the other side. As far as gaming goes, we have something on the horizon! As I said, I reached out to someone who extended an offer, so we may end up getting a game going that way. Otherwise, I’m looking to maybe run a game still, either a one shot or a longer campaign, but I don’t have hard plans for what yet. So that may wait, but it’s still on the table.

We’ll wrap things up there for now. This week should be a bit of a grind as I clear some much-needed work on a few larger projects (commission, personal projects, blog, etc.) but that should set us up for success in the coming weeks and allow us to get more finished stuff out there in the near future. Thanks for hanging in with me!


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