Super Powers: 100 random generic characters


Super powers: 100 RANDOM CHARACTERS contains 100 characters with superpowers.

Sometimes you have to create a character “on the fly”. Whether it’s an NPC that your players are about to meet or a random grunt, this book will help you create scenarios, all you need is a spark of lightning to stimulate your imagination.

Each result consists of:

  • a character (name and age)
  • a superhero or super villain name
  • a supernatural ability
  • a weakness
  • a motivation

Simply launch 1d100 and discover the character. This book is generic and compatible with any role-playing game.


Example of outcome :

16. Anisa Rosin (52) aka- Mysterious Skull
Occupation: Lacquer Spray Booth Operator
Super Power: Animate Dead
Weakness: Electronic device
Motivations: Avoid failure

53. Marc Galit (60) aka- Mirage Scimitar
Occupation: Trumpet Player
Super Power: Anatomical Division
Weakness: Forgetful
Motivations: Find a cure



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