The Coriolis Planetarium: The Miran Chain

An extensive record of the stars, planets and people of the Third Horizon, the Miran Chain Planetarium is an invaluable reference for any Coriolis GM who wants to set their adventures across these stunning systems. From rumours of Ghost portals in Mira, to the Order of the Pariah’s trial called “the Martyr’s Judgement” and the twin planets both blessed and cursed by the Icons, the Coriolis Planetarium is your portal to all these places and people.

This planetarium covers:

  • ten systems
  • over 100 planets and asteroid belts
  • full colour illustrations of every planet
  • the Foundation’s capsule summary of every planet
  • with scenario hooks and ideas sure to help any Coriolis GM

About the Author: Dave is a freelance games designer, writer and editor and has worked on Alien RPG and Twilight:2000. He is also co-host of the Effekt podcast, talking about and playing a wide range of Free League and other RPGs. He’s into his fifth decade of role playing and has a long history of running and playing Coriolis.

This product is priced at $4.99


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