The Mimic – A Dungeon World Playbook

Mimics are cunning hunters that ambush their prey by transforming into objects to lure their victims close to them before delivering a vicious bite. Instead of choosing a race, you get to pick one of three backgrounds that provide interesting moves. The domestic mimic lets you turn into small objects such as books, chairs, and lamps. The guardian mimic makes you a more efficient defender, while the hunter mimic boosts your damage when you successfully ambush your prey.

As you advance in levels, you will have about 25 different moves to choose from, which can help you expand your combat capabilities, become a keen ambusher, serve as a spy for your allies while posing as an object, be an efficient sentinel, or be your party’s personal chest of holding. If you want to explore playing in your true form, make sure to take a look at some of the moves that provide interesting benefits when you switch forms.

This product contains two files:

  • Two, 9 pages playbook containing over 25 moves. Each with a different cover.
  • A two page character sheet for you to record your character’s stats, gear, and moves.

This product is priced at $3.00


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